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Premium Ingredients


Packed with natural grain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, molasses provide needed nutrients to help sustain healthy herds.  Real Corn, Sweet Molasses, Vitamins and Trace Minerals. Raging Boars Outdoor Innovations, premium wildlife attractants are packed with savory flavors and aromas which attract deer, hogs and bear.

Designed to be buried, dispersed and smeared, smells and strong aroma attracts Hogs and keeps them in the area.

Superior Results


Works year around. Water and mold resistant. The mixture adheres well to stumps, logs trees and vegetation creating an instant bait station for wildlife. Irresistible flavors and strong aromas attract game from extended distances.

Rootin' Juice

Can be poured directly on the ground, onto old logs, stumps or vegetation. Produces a powerful long lasting mineral lick. Strong aromas & trace minerals will have deer & hogs digging into the ground for its powerful flavors. Trace minerals & salt help with antler growth & development. Hogs have been known to create large wallows where they often return for weeks after the initial application.

Boar Biscuits

Simply scatter a handful onto the ground & hold on for the wild game action. Use in combination with a M.O.A.B.  (Mother Of All Boar Baits) for increased effectiveness. Boar Biscuits wildlife attractant is packed with savory flavors & aromas. A combination of nutritious grains, high protein fat & carbohydrates help maintain body weight & energy during winter. Use alone or combine with other scattered grain products, Boar Biscuits adds a strong aroma & a sweet taste creating an irresistible bait station for deer, hog & bear. 


M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boar Baits)

Packed with savory flavors & aromas which attract deer, hog & bear. Designed to be buried about a foot into the ground. Strong aromas attract Hogs & keeps them there. Once the bag is located, they dig it up then devour the contents. The  tightly woven m.o.a.b. acts as a scent wick & requires hogs to rupture to dispense contents, which scatters the surrounding area with strong flavors, grains & nutrients creating a large savory & aromatic bait station. Hogs keep coming even after the bait’s been eaten. Also, m.o.a.b. may be placed above ground for instant action, or suspended from a low hanging branch to act as powerful scent wick. The Best solution for attracting & keeping hogs in the area is to bury one m.o.a.b. & an additional above ground. If placing the m.o.a.b. for deer simply loosen the draw string so contents will fall out as deer paw the bag. The ingredients provide protein, fat & carbohydrates for maintaining a healthy herd.

Boar Butter

Works year-round & is packed with savory flavors & aromas which attract deer, hog & bear. A thick gooey mixture, Boar Butter adheres well to stumps, logs, trees & vegetation creating an instant bait station for wildlife. Boar Butter’s irresistible flavors & strong aromas attract game from extended distances & helps to sustain healthy herds by providing much needed nutrients such as natural grain proteins, fats, carbohydrates &  sweet molasses.

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Ruttin' Butter | Ruttin Juice | Ruttin' Biscuits

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